Accurate & reliable

Cyclops delivers the most accurate and reliable safety camera databases and smart software – you can enjoy these benefits by using our Real-time Apps – specially designed to alert you to currently active mobile camera sites. And all other fixed camera types are automatically updated too!

Real-time speed
camera app

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Speed Camera

Latest Alerts

  • 08/03/2018: 10 new cameras added in UK
  • 16/03/2018: 3 locations added in Europe

An essential part of the connected car...

Cyclops static and real-time safety camera content is at the heart of the connected car infotainment experience. Drivers expect the highest quality turn by turn navigation service for their cars to include reliable real-time traffic information and accurate dynamic safety camera alerts.

We offer a range of tailored solutions

Whatever your navigation service platform we can support regular database updates to your device or your car – whether you are using a personal navigation device, smart phone application, connected car infotainment platform or even aftermarket devices such as dashcams.