Millions of drivers around the world rely on us to help keep them safe behind the wheel. Our customers use us for:

  • Daily travel
  • Training young drivers
  • Holidaying on unfamiliar roads
  • Business fleet policies
  • And much more

They choose us because:

We are accurate and up-to-date

Our database covers over 140,000 safety cameras, of all types, including average speed cameras, red light, mobile zone and more. Our team of expert surveyors are out in the field every day, checking and validating safety camera locations all over the world. We make thousands of updates to our database every month, including live camera reports.

Our Waypoint Corridor Technology provides an enhanced driver experience

Our proprietary software has been developed over the past two decades. It pinpoints an accurate geo-corridor for each and every location of a safety camera within our database, giving drivers a tailored smart alert depending on direction of travel and speed.

Our databases are constantly being updated, with thousands of modifications every month. We can supply updated data in almost real time, ensuring drivers are receiving the most up-to-date information.

We are reliable and efficient. That’s why we supply some of the world’s leading vehicle brands and Tier 1 suppliers.

We are experts in research and you can help us

We don’t rely on our user community, but the many millions of them help our team keep our database up-to-date – it’s an additional layer of confidence that we use to research and manage our database even more effectively

Downloading our app is quick and simple

Our app is quick and easy to download. Simply head to the app store on your smartphone and search for ‘Cyclops – speed camera alerts’, to get started.