Road safety campaigns are an important way to spread awareness among people about how to stay safe on the roads, and what rules and measures are put in place. Encouraging drivers to be more aware of their surroundings and the way they are behaving on the roads, will lead to increased safer journeys for all road users. 

When it comes to road safety awareness, there are a lot of factors that drivers need to be mindful of before setting off on a journey. However, one of the most important factors is to be fully aware of what could result in a collision.  


The fatal 5 sets out to remind drivers of 5 basic factors we should never forget: 

  • Don’t drink/drug drive – The current limit is 4 units for men, and 3 units for women. However, it is always recommended to leave the car keys at home and call for a taxi if you know you are going to be drinking alcohol.  


  • Kill your speed – The NSC reported that exceeding the speed limit resulted in 26% of all traffic fatalities in 2019, killing on average over 25 people per day. Speed limits are put in place to ensure safer journeys.  


  • Don’t get careless – Becoming careless and driving dangerously is a very common issue. Ensure all distractions are put away before setting off on a journey. 


  • Belt up – Not only is it dangerous to not wear a seatbelt at all times, you could also get fined up to £500 and get three penalty points on your license for not abiding by this law. 


  • Switch it off – Under no circumstances is using your mobile phone whilst driving allowed, make sure your phone is out of reach whilst driving if you think you will be tempted to check in. In case of emergency, pull over to a safe area and turn off your engine before using your mobile phone.

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