63 countries are currently being covered by our Cyclops team, meaning, our database stretches across many different cities worldwide. Oslo is the capital, and largest city in Norway, a beautiful city that our expert team of surveyors visited recently.

Oslo has an estimated population of 1,056,180 residents. Oslo might be the capital, but this doesn’t mean that the Norwegians love of nature and the outdoors doesn’t apply here. Vast untouched forests surrounding the city means that much of the area is unspoilt by roads. This is reflected in the camera count we have in our database. We currently have 14 speed and safety cameras reported in the city of Oslo, and 443 fixed and average speed cameras in the whole of Norway 

The worlds largest road tunnel is in Norway, the Lærdal Tunnel is an incredible 15 miles (24.5km) long. The design of this tunnel, is one that is admired by many. The design incorporates features to help manage the strain on drivers, meaning the safety of drivers is priority. Every 6km there is a cave to separate sections of road. Not only this, but cameras are placed at each end to count the number of cars entering and exiting. This helps to create a swift response in the event of any accidents or breakdowns.