As drivers we are used to speed limits on our roads, wherever we live. We accept that for the benefit and safety of all road users, we need to drive within acceptable speeds to minimise accidents and injury. But there are a few roads in the world where there is no speed limit. 

In the UK the Isle of Man is famous for its unrestricted national speed limit. Some more built up areas do have speed limits. Home to the Isle of Man TT and the Manx Grand Prix, many of the island’s roads remain delimited. 

The Autobahn in Germany is another road network without speed limits, but only in some places. In fact only about an eighth of the Autobahn is unrestricted, with the remainder being limited to 130kph or variable speed limits.  


The Northen Territory in Australia is another part of the world without speed limits. It is not surprising that these long, flat, straight roads are unrestricted, but speed limits do still apply in places. 


Outside of non-restricted speed limits, the fastest speed limit in the world is 160kph, or 99mph. The Abu Dhabi-Al Ain highway and the Sheikh Khalifa highway in the United Arab Emirates limit in places to 160kph and deploy over 300 safety cameras along these stretches of road to monitor drivers.